“Modern Marketing for Writers: Let Your Light Shine!"


To be successful in today’s modern marketplace, writers not only need to be great storytellers, they need to develop strong marketing skills. The problem? Many emerging writers don’t have a clue how to market themselves and their work. Social media presence? Engaging newsletters? Informative websites? Do you really need them? Yes, you do! Even if you’ve gotten started, learning best practices will keep you, your public image, and your creations looking shiny! Shiny attracts followers, followers that will buy and read your work!

This special webinar has two segments and doubles your value by bringing you smart strategies by two industry professionals! Part One covers the marketing knowledge and systems you need to get started, taught by award-winning writer and marketing professional, Wulf Moon. Part Two covers a deep dive into marketing and the “wide” publishing strategy with special guest Mark Leslie Lefebvre, world-renowned as the Wide for the Win guru and Draft2Digital publishing expert.

This essential webinar takes you through modern marketing techniques to increase your visibility, branding, sales, and success! You will learn the latest strategies on:

  1.  Creating quality product to generate your base
  2.  Creating brand recognition just like big name corporate products
  3.  Why author websites are today’s necessity
  4.  Increasing visibility and signal boost through social media
  5.  Building and keeping your fan base through newsletters
  6.  The hidden benefits of conventions and seminars
  7.  Why many authors are turning to direct sales
  8.  How to use Kickstarter to create and launch your books
  9.  The advantages of wide distribution across multiple retail platforms. 

Are you ready to sharpen your marketing skills, develop your brand’s strategy, and give your writing career a major signal boost? Then pull the trigger and take this course! 

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  Modern Marketing for Writers: Let Your Light Shine!
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