"Heart's Desire and the Reader/Hero Bond" 

Masterclass: 4+ hours with Q&A

My most important teaching! This masterclass reveals the secrets to help you create gripping stories that capture the hearts of your readers and keep them bonded to your protagonist to the heart-pounding end. Why is Heart's Desire and creating a bond between your reader and hero so important? Because these techniques initiate the process of evoking sympathy, even empathy for the plight of your hero. When readers get emotionally involved in your story, they can’t put it down, and when they’re finished, they’ll tell everyone about it.

I define empathy as “your pain, in my heart.” When you can stir up that level of feeling for a fictional character, you’ve performed the deep magic that is the hallmark of master storytellers. 

How well do these techniques work? Here’s just one example, Lou J. Berger, after taking this masterclass: 

“For years I'd been sending my stories to Clarkesworld, a premiere speculative fiction magazine, only to get a very quick “No, Thanks” from Neil. Then, Wulf Moon taught me the importance of putting the protagonist's “Heart's Desire” up front, on the first page, and I made sure to include that in my latest story. What do you know, Neil bought the story!

"It didn’t end there. Thank you, Wulf! Your teachings have taken my career to a whole new level!”

If you order just one masterclass from me, this is the one. Learn how to bind readers under your spell and change your destiny!

Take Your Writing to the Next Level

"Wulf Moon's Heart's Desire Master class took my writing the the next level. It's literally inserting the beating heart into your story and making it come alive for readers." Angelique Fawns

Writer. TV Producer

The Essential Element in Every Good Story

"Heart's desire is essential to a story. You will see it everywhere after you take Wulf Moon's course!"

Candice R. Lisle

Find the Beating Heart of Your Story

"I used to look back at my old stories that didn't work and wonder why. Moon's Heart's Desire Masterclass revealed the beating heart of the story was missing, and nothing can become truly alive without the beating heart."
Jade Wildly

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