Magic Sword: The Powerful Story Principle

Everyone Forgets

Webinar 1.5 HR

The magic story principle no one else is teaching, and yet it's a critical element in almost every story you know!

Most stories can be characterized as “from a weak state, made powerful.”

Why so? If your hero is more powerful than the opposing force, he or she would vanquish their foe in the opening scene, we’d cut to credits, and all go home before we even dented our bag of popcorn!

Instead, books and movies usually open with a scene where the hero is living their normal life, and someone or something crushes their life and what they love or desire most (see Heart's Desire masterclass), and they’re left after a good butt-kicking wondering how they can beat their enemy that’s just demonstrated how much more powerful and crafty they are.

The solution? The hero recognizes they’re going to need something with greater power to defeat their enemy, and they go on a quest to find it.

I'm not talking about a quest for a literal sword, although it could be. I'm talking about an archetype: a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology. After this workshop, my Magic Sword concept is going to drop the scales from your eyes, and you're going to wonder why every writing book and instructor failed to teach this to you.

I'm not only teaching it, I'm going to train you on how to wield it in any genre you write in with deadly effect.

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